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Find Hive To Home Bee Products, Services, Equipment & More!

Note: Keep checking back as this page will continue to grow and expand. LAST UPDATED: 12/19/2023

Know what you're buying, by getting to know who you're buying it from!

Enter your address or Zipcode and find what you need near where you live.

Select a category and find exactly what your looking for!

*Looking to get started? Need help with ordering equipment, feed, medications, etc...?






Swarm/Hive Removal




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Equipment &


About The Api-Map:

Our goal with this map is to provide Beekeepers of all sizes, from Hobbyist to Professionals, a way to directly connect with more customers in their local area. We hope that it allows "buyers" to source Honey and other Bee products as close to the source as possible, with the goal being that if they were any closer they'd need a veil.


*NOTE: Any person or company that sources hive products from local beekeepers in order to re-package and sell those products, but do not own or manage bees themselves, are welcome to submit their information to be included in the "Api-Map" 

Please provide as much, or as little, information as you would like made public.

But, be sure to provide the basics such as: your name, City State Zip, preferred customer contact method and which products and services that you provide.

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